Oil & Gas

Inspect your production 90% faster with Machine Vision

Digital Radiography (RT)

In the oil and gas industry, identification of improper threading in pipelines or defects in error-prone mechanisms remains a challenge. Downstream defects detection is a crucial step to avoid shipping unsafe parts to critical infrastructure and endanger the workers operating in these environments.

Intelligent X-ray inspection

Industrializing defects detection

Deepflow provides NDT technicians with a familiar viewer interface where defects are automatically detected and labeled. With AI algorithms that continuously learn over time from technicians' decisions, detection quality continuously improves and progress can be tracked.

Visual inspection is a drag on productivity

Quality Assurance is undergoing a digital transformation. With more modern equipment, such as digital radiography machines, manufacturers today are able to generate more inspection data faster. But the interpretation of this data to detect defects still remains a manual process. For NDT technicians, the influx of digital data means more data to inspect which lengthens inspection cycles, increases fatigue, and negatively impacts productivity.

Deepflow accelerates visual inspection

Deepflow uses unique Machine Vision technology to automate time-consuming and tiring visual inspection tasks. For example, Deepflow helps NDT technicians automatically spot and label defects on industrial X-ray images which guarantees that no defect is missed while increasing the number of images that can be inspected per cycle without fatigue.

Deepflow on the shop floor


of defects

Automatically pre-labeled



Avg. inspection time / image